If you completed the TROT 10 in 2017 please fill this form out before 1/1/2018


We have quite a few really dedicated runners and volunteers that want to try and be at all the races they can. The NEW TROT 10 is the availability to gain your 10 by either volunteering and/or running the event. Volunteering is one per race no matter the shifts and running is only one except for Franklin Mountains.

All TROT 10 folks that complete this will recive an award and a custom TROT 10 shirt for 2018. 


Below are the participating races

  1. Running the Rose
  2. Lone Star 100
  3. Jackalope Jam
  4. Crazy Desert Trail Race
  5. San Felipe Shootout
  6. Brazos Bend 50
  7. Coyote Run 
  8. Wildflower Half 
  9. May 19th Race 
  10. Habanero Hundred
  11. Sept 1st Race 
  12. Colorado Cross 
  13. Blazing 7s 
  14. Orion Ultra 
  15. Mission Tejas 
  16. Franklin Mountains 
  17. Brazos Bend 100