2018 TROT CUP Prizes

With the 2018 Championship we have decided to focus the year on the amazing clubs that run our races all the time. Every runner for the teams counts, every distance and every time. 

Transrockies 3 day ALL expenses paid trip

*To be entered you have to run 5 of the 9 spring races and finish them. After the last race in May we will do a live lottery pick for the Aug 14-16th vaca. We will give you a code for the entry and TROT will cover your flight round trip. For more info on Transrockies here http://transrockies-run.com/2018-transrockies-run3-info/


TEAM Championship

1st Overall - $1000 CASH- 10 Entries for members of the club + Shirts for EVERY MEMBER who scores a point for the club+ TROPHY

2nd Overall - $500 CASH- 5 entries for members of the club+ AWARD

3rd Overall - $250 CASH + AWARD

Overall (Male and Female)

1st Jacket+ $500 Race Credit  + Award

2nd Jacket+ $250 Race Credit + Award

3rd Jacket+ $100 Race Credit + Award

Masters (50+) (Male and Female)

1st Jacket+ $250 Race Credit + Award

2nd Jacket+ $100 Race Credit + Award

Age Groups  (Male and Female)

1st Place- $100 Race Credit  + Award

2nd Place- $50 Race Credit  +Award

Below are the age groups

29 & Under 






Volunteer Award

1st Overall- Award and Jacket

2nd Overall - Award and Jacket

3rd Overall - Award and Jacket