Trail Racing Over Texas Rules


1. No minimum on # of races to be in competition for overall or team points.

2. No USATF or Affiliation Required To Compete

3. All members of a team count toward team points

4. Birth date is from  1/1 of 2018.

5. Cannot change teams once they choose a team.

6. You can ONLY get point from the race you are registered from.

7. You CANNOT get races from dropping down or stepping up in distance.

8. Relay Teams Split the Points of the Team Finishing. ie.. If the team gets 32 points for 1st place in a 50 mile relay and there is 4 people. Each individual will get 8 points. 

9. Until 5/1 all added members will get credit for ALL POINTS from 1/1-5/1. After 5/1 you will only get credit from that day forward on points.